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  • Kuranaya

    The Kingdom of [[Kuranaya]] was once the dominant power in [[Aliadar]]. Althought the seat of the empire was in the northern regions of the continent, many strongholds, once housing the standing armies of the king, dot the eastern coast, reminding any …

  • King Rufus

    The last king of the Kuranayan empire, before it was torn apart by war and infighting. He ruled with an iron fist, but when his empire was threatened, he mysteriously vanished. Some say he was killed, while others say he fled the city.

  • Gezluk

    A warlord of the orc legions which overran [[Kuranaya]] fifty years ago. His reputation for cruelty and expertise on the battlefield has become legendary. Few people know the true fate of him, although rumors abound. Some even believe that he sits upon …

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