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  • Therradale

    [[Therradale]] is a small town on the east coast of [[Aliadar]]. Its citizens have banded together to make their lives here, as there is strength in numbers in this world. A few years after [[Kuranaya]] fell, refugees from the empire set up this small …

  • Crow's Keep

    The remains of a fortress dating back to the [[Kuranaya | Kuranayan Empire]]. It is situated on a hilltop on the eastern coast. It is about a days journey west of of [[Therradale]].

  • The Blue Lagoon

    A small tavern run by a man named [[Barkeep Smitts]]. All manner of seedy characters hang out here. If you're looking for some answers or a job, this is the place to go.

  • Yogoloth Arms

    The finest weapons and armor shop in [[Therradale]], and also the only weapon and armor shop there. Its run by a tough, burly old man who once worked as a mercenary. His name is [[Franz Yogoloth]]. If you need stuff, he can get it.

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