Therradale is a small town on the east coast of Aliadar. Its citizens have banded together to make their lives here, as there is strength in numbers in this world. A few years after Kuranaya fell, refugees from the empire set up this small town because of its access to arable land. To this day, the people here make their living through agriculture. What they cannot make themselves, they trade for at the Hillside Trading Post, located 3 days to the northwest of the town.

The Therradale Watch uphold order here, and they are led by an experienced hunter Deran Wildfoot, a dwarf who spent many years fending for himself in the wilderness. The watch consists of roughly 15 men and women. In desperate times, the town can muster a militia of perhaps 100 able-bodied citizens.

The local cleric, Osborne the Wise, treats any injured and sick in town. He also holds services in the temple of Pelor.

Some places of interest in the town include:


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